Activision Shuts Down Radical Entertainment

Despite Prototype 2 doing reasonable well, at least in North America, it seems it wasn’t up to snuff with Activision and thus the doors have been closed at Radical Entertainment. Video game development seems like a risky business all of a sudden; if a game doesn’t sell two million copies, companies are in dire trouble. Audio Designer at Radical, Rob Bridgett, confirmed via twitter that the company is no more.

Radical Entertainment has a long lineage, going all the way back to 1992 where they developed numerous NES games, including The Terminator, Brett Hull Hockey ’95, and Beavis and Butt-head. They were acquired by Vivendi Universal Games in 2005, who was later bought by Activision in 2008. The company went on to create a memorable Incredible Hulk game, and with that tech, created the Prototype games.

It’s never a good thing when companies go under, especially ones such as Radical who do have such talent among their ranks, but it seems to be a frequent occurrence in the industry now. Here’s hoping the employees of Radical find their way back into the game, whether through independent development or other venture.