Amazon Plugs Black Ops II on Mailers

When opening our mailbox today, I was giddy with excitement after spying a giant “Call of Duty” logo peeking out through the mail. Could Activision possibly be sending us an early review copy? Were we perhaps in store a preview disc? My excitement was soon crushed, however, when I looked at the return label and saw “”. In reality, this was simply a regular package from friendly neighborhood online retailer advertising the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops II. I’ve been ordering from Amazon far too much for my own good for far too long for my own good and can’t recall seeing third party advertising on their packaging before.

As you can see in the pics we snapped below, it’s not just a small tie-in; the logo is literally emblemized across the entire back of the bubble mailer and on the front as well. For those who think this will just be for video game related products shipped, the weird thing is that this was actually for a Blu-ray. A Treat Williams Blu-ray, at that.

Has Amazon commandeered the face of Amazon’s packaging, or is Call of Duty simply big enough seller for Amazon that it’s worth it for them advertise it to their customers?

Regardless, this serves as ever-increasing confirmation of the enormity of this franchise.