Bayonetta 2 Details And Online Multiplayer Revealed In Today’s Nintendo Direct

Today’s Nintendo Direct focused on Platinum Games’ hotly awaited sequel to the high-octane, low-clothing beat ’em up Bayonetta. Featuring the same principle players – Jeanne, Rodin, and of course the eponymous hair-manipulating Umbral Witch herself, Bayonetta and some new faces, the game’s plot will focus around Bayonetta attempting to recover Jeanne’s soul from Inferno.

Witch Time – the game’s bullet-time mode where the action slows to a crawl, allowing for the execution of flashy combos and avoiding of all kinds of nastiness, will still be around. Witch Time will charge by dodging enemy attacks, which in turn will charge magic. Magic will allow for the use of Umbran Climax and Torture Attacks, which are egregiously over-the-top finisher moves.

The biggest reveal of the day was the online multiplayer mode. A 2-player co-operative mode called Tag Climax will be implemented in the Wii U version. Players will compete with one another against enemies for the largest point score. Each will bet a predetermined amount of halos to set the difficulty level and payout, and the winner will reap the reward. Two of Bayonetta’s confirmed costumes are a blue Chinese dress and the Star Mercenary outfit, which is inspired by Fox McCloud.

A trailer was shown at the end of the Nintendo Direct cast, featuring much sleeker and high-quality graphics than the already impressive first game, with better models and textures. It appears the game, while still almost definitely rated “M,” will have less overt nudity than its predecessor. Some of the highlights of the trailer included quicktime events, massive, skyscraper-sized enemies, some kind of calamitous fire and Bayonetta spanking a centaur into a cage of torture.

Bayonetta 2 will release on the Wii U and include a copy of the Wii U version of Bayonetta, and will be valued at $59.99.

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