Big Action Mega Fight and Double Dragon Trilogy Hit the OUYA With Beat-Em-Up Love

If you grew up loving beat-em-ups, then the OUYA just got two games that you’ll want to pay attention to. The original Double Dragon Trilogy never hit consoles accurately back in the day, but now you can play it on the OUYA via the perfect mobile version for only $3. If you’ve got the Amazon Appstore sideloaded on your OUYA, then that version will work perfectly – so if you’ve got leftover Amazon coins from their big promotion a month ago, then get that version instead. You’ll be able to use it on more devices and it’s got instant controller support for you the OUYA pad – making it a better value for your dollar.

The second big brawler you’ll want to take note of is BIG ACTION MEGA FIGHT. Why the all caps? Because you’ve got a game with special attacks involving not only the Fist of God coming down to smite your foes, but also one that rains flaming chickens onto them. This game would normally go for the reasonable price of $3, but it’s $2 until July 1  – so be sure to buy it before then to save some money.  Brawlers can be an acquired taste nowadays, so you need something to stand out in the genre. This one has a bright art style right out of Alien Hominid or Castle Crashers, with a far better sense of humor than something like Fist Puncher or Fist of Awesome. It’s got some homages to Streets of Rage in here, along with a DeLorean-ish car and even a River City Ransom-ish upgrade system. For only $2, this is an easy recommendation to pick up. Like Double Dragon Trilogy, it’s available on the Amazon Appstore, but since I don’t have that version, I can’t guarantee if it plays seamlessly on the OUYA. The OUYA version is $1 cheaper now, so I would recommend buying that one unless you’ve got some Amazon coins to burn. The OST is available on BandCamp and is a pretty good value for $3.



2 thoughts on “Big Action Mega Fight and Double Dragon Trilogy Hit the OUYA With Beat-Em-Up Love

  1. I would like to see a modern Streets of Rage remake come to Ouya. Fist Puncher was okay, but the gameplay isn’t nearly as satisfying as SOR, or Golden Axe.

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