Big Weekend and Busy April for Limited Run Games

March was almost a quiet month for Limited Run Games but there’s still one last weekend to make up for it.  This coming Friday has a triple-release of PS4 titles, sneaking in just under the wire to perk to meet March’s physical gaming quota.  The action schoolgirl slasher Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, multiple-viewpoint arcade shooter Astebreed, and the revival of a classic series in Pang Adventures all hit on the same day.  It’s an unusual grouping, in that there’s not a Vita title in the bunch, but a great selection of fast-paced gaming.  Each game has a print run of 4,500, although Astebreed will have 800 of its copies paired up with its soundtrack.

April is currently shaping up to be a little bit lighter in overall games released but there are giants in its library.  Flinthook (PS4) and Ray Gigant (Vita) both hit on the same day, April 14, while DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors (PS4) shows up at a random point in the month.  Flinthook is clocking in a 4,500 copies while Ray Gigant gets 5,000, and DariusBurst has 4,800.  That last number is divided up between 2,800 standard edition and 2,000 limited, and although it might seem a bit low the game is a full $60 release at its cheapest, and $100 for the deluxe version that comes with a pair of little Silver Hawk models, soundtrack, and art book, all in a huge box.  DariusBurst is potentially a huge release but it’s also a pricey one, so its print run has to reflect that.  Maybe it will be a mad scramble for five minutes total, morning and evening release windows combined, or maybe it will last throughout the day, but seeing as this is LRG’s first game at this price and getting stuck with inventory is a worst-case scenario they played it relatively conservative with the numbers.  However DariusBurst sells, it’s going to make for an interesting day.

As for the future, nothing else is announced yet but Salt & Sanctuary got its Vita version earlier today, so the Limited Run Games release may not be too far off.  The library is growing month by month, and the next few weeks adds six more titles to clear fifty games since Breach & Clear in 2015.  That’s an impressive publishing run by anyone’s standards and there’s still plenty to come.