Devil May Cry 5 Guide: All Secret Mission Locations

Throughout your journey with Dante, Nero and newcomer V, you’ll run around various health and Devil Trigger pieces that will help you in the long run. In order to get the max gauge possible for both bars, you’ll have to go through various trials and tribulations. We have put together the location of all 12 secret mission locations spread across the 20-mission campaign.

Secret Mission 1 – Mission 02: Qliphoth

  • Objective: Eliminate all of the demons.

This is a gimme. As soon as a couple of demonic vines grow through the hallway, you’ll be diverted to the right through a bedroom where it will instruct you there are these secret missions you can find, and all you need to do is line up the hidden symbols.


Secret Mission 2 – Mission 03: Flying Hunter

  • Objective: Don’t let any Red Empusa escape!

After you clear some nasty vines, it will instruct you to go up a flight of spiral stairs. Instead, head downward and you’ll notice markings on the bottom of the stairs going upwards. Place yourself in the little cove to reveal the symbols on the stairs above you.


Secret Mission 3 – Mission 04: V

  • Objective: Collect all of the Red Orbs.

This can be the trickiest of the bunch. After you get past the bridge, you’ll notice a Nidhogg Hatchling. This is one of two you need. After collecting this, you’ll eventually come across a group of enemies in a location with a lot of graffiti art (where they introduce your Devil Trigger). Trigger your Devil Trigger and you’ll see Nightmare come through a building. After the fight, go through the building (collect the blue health shard upstairs) and while downstairs, head out a couple of doors outside to find the second Nidhogg Hatchling. Continue through the level until you reach a split in the road. To the right is where you’re supposed to go to further the story, to the left is a place to put a hatchling. Place one in there to get another blue health shard, and then to the left you’ll be able to place another hatchling. Go up the stairs to find the third secret mission.


Secret Mission 4 – Mission 05: The Devil Sword Sparda

  • Objective: Eliminate all of the demons without taking a hit.

You will come across a set of vines you need to destroy just outside of a giant ship. Destroy it and then instead of continuing forward, turn around to find a new set of enemies appear. Trigger your Devil Trigger here and Nightmare will come through the fragile wall behind them. Kill the enemies and then another set past the now destroyed wall. After this, it will instruct you to go up the containers. Instead, climb the stairs to the left of it to find the Secret Mission at the top.


Secret Mission 5 – Mission 08: Demon King

  • Objective: Get to the goal without touching the ground.

You will come across a reverse waterfall of blood(?) with a platform forming every few seconds. Go up around halfway to see one of Nero’s arms on a platform to the right. Jump across (you might need double jump) and there will be two little bulbs you’re able to grapple to. Go forward and down (where there’s Red Orb clusters and arms) to find what you’re looking for.


Secret Mission 6 – Mission 09: Genesis

  • Objective: Eliminate all demons in 20 seconds or less.

After a fight with a number of Knights and a Nelo Angelo, you’ll see a bunch of vines and a blue health orb behind it. Simply trigger your Devil Trigger to break the bulbs in the back and you’re able to get through. Jump up on the platform in the back and face where you came through to find the sixth secret mission.


Secret Mission 7 – Mission 10: Awaken

  • Objective: Aim for their weak point and take them down with a single bullet.

This is a little time based. You will come across a room with a number of Red Empusas (those things that absorb orbs from the ground and grow a giant red rear), and three passages. After beating them in time, straight forward is where you’re supposed to go to continue with the story, to the left is a Gold Orb, and to the right it will take you all the way around to a secret mission.


Secret Mission 8 – Mission 11: Reason

Objective: Maintain an S Stylish Rank

A very easy one to miss if you don’t realize the structure around you is constantly shifting whenever you destroy a bulb. In the shaky building, just hanging on by a thread, you’ll need to go down the slightly collapsed part of the tiled flooring to find a bulb that will get rid of some of the vines. After destroying this, don’t go down and destroy more. Instead, backtrack to the first room of the building and jump up the destroyed cement blocks and up to the now second floor. Here you’ll find the secret mission to the right; just turn around where you came from to reveal its symbol.


Secret Mission 9 – Mission 12: Yamato

  • Objective: Stay in the air for more than 15 seconds.

After dropping down into a long corridor that Dante reminiscences over, when you get to the end you’ll need to jump up a set of stone structures. When you get to the top, turn around to reveal a little part of the building still intact and it just requires you to do some jumping (and potentially the Trickster dash in mid-air) to get to.


Secret Mission 10 – Mission 14: Diverging Point: V

  • Objective: Get to the goal without touching the ground.

While there’s a blue health shard in the area where you’re getting your powers back, this is past this. When you come across a bulb you need to destroy to clear the path ahead, do so. Instead of continuing forward, check where the bulb was, and just behind it you’ll find a nice glowing secret mission.


Secret Mission 11 – Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero

  • Objective: Head straight for the goal!

When you come across the Baphomet-esque statue that you now use to buy and level up skills, instead of going choosing a path (down or straight ahead), go behind the statue. There is an area where it will give you constant Punch Line arms. Hold B/Square and release to shoot the arm forward to automatically attack enemies. Press B/Square for it to return, but before it locks back into your arm, press and hold B/Square once more to ride it. Ride it all the way through this section until you get the end. If you’re capable, ride along the sides to get a blue health shard, but it’s not mandatory to get this. When you get to the top, move a little forward and onto a little platform looking down onto where you came from. On this platform will be secret mission 11.


Secret Mission 12 – Mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante

  • Objective: Collect a set amount of Red Orbs.

OK, this can be very tricky as there are multiple alternate paths in this level. Move forward until you see an alternate path across a chasm. Ignore this as it leads to a possible blue health shard, but that’s not important right now. Instead, jump down and continue through a couple more rooms. You will come across another chasm. Jump down to the first large platform below you where there’s a Devil Trigger orb and a cluster of red orbs. Look down to see another cluster of red orbs on a platform below. Jump onto this platform and then turn around. You will see a large cluster (one that is partially timed) which is next to a platform that can crumble. Jump into here. There is yet another chasm, but much smaller. Look down to the left (left of the green and white orbs) and you’ll see a platform. Jump down onto this and move towards the wall in this little cave. Here you will find the final secret mission nicely tucked away.

And there you have it, the location to all 12 of the secret missions. A couple can be very tricky to find, while some others are fairly straight forward.