Disgaea 5 Will (Eventually) Be Made

It wasn’t long ago Nippon Ichi was saying that Disgaea 4 would make or break the company, so must have done well enough to warrant a sequel. During a Q&A session at NIS America’s Anime Expo panel, producer Souhei Niikawa announced that the series is far from dead and we will be seeing a fifth iteration sometime in the future. No further information was given, but confirmation is all Disgaea fans really need.

Whether or not the game is in development is another question, but the development team is hard at work on The Witch and The Hundred Knights, so just give them some time and I’m sure we’ll hear more. Platforms are another issue, but being that the main series has mainly centered around the Playstation consoles, it wouldn’t be out of question to say the next installment will likely show up on the Playstation 3 or even Sony’s next-generation platform.

Regardless, Disgaea fans can rest easy knowing that the series has yet to kick the bucket.