DmC Devil May Cry Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

With the release of DmC Devil May Cry on current generation consoles, we set out to determine how the game holds up after two years in comparison to its original “definitive edition” on PC. As much as we’d love to include the Xbox One in this comparison, as well, we unfortunately were only able to get our hands on a PlayStation 4 copy.

We tried to organize the screenshots with the most noticeable disparities up front, but as you can see, differences from the two versions are minimal in most areas. The biggest advantage PC has over its PlayStation 4 counterpart is a more adaptable skin shader. While the new colorful shader makes Dante look a little more vibrant, it has trouble in specific lighting situations. The anisotropic filtering is also lacking in the PlayStation 4 version, most notable in the second comparison shot, and there’s slightly less shadowing on characters, although not all that significant.

Regardless, the PlayStation 4 release still looks visually pleasing and runs well, not to mention sports a more minimized HUD. Oddly enough, comparison #13 with the Succubus actually seems to be partially in favor of the console.

On the left is the two-year old PC release running at Ultra settings with HD textures and HD Anti-Aliasing applied. On the right is the PlayStation 4 version.