Dragon Ball Z Budokai Goes HD

Rumored for quite some time, the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series will be seeing an HD compilation this Winter. Namco Bandai will be bringing the classic Dimps PS2 games to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with remastered visuals in widescreen high definition.

Oddly enough, the HD collection only includes the first and third games in the series, avoiding the second, and arguably the best, Budokai title. This is peculiar as the first game looks outdated and lacks the story and characters that were featured in future iterations. The whole point of newer fighting games is to build upon an existing model, yet the first game is usually always the barest when it comes to content. So why have the first and third Budokai when the third iteration will outperform the first in every respect?

In any case, the HD collection has yet to be priced, and all that was announced was upgraded visuals and trophy/achievement support. We don’t know if voices and sound have been remastered, nor do we know if there will be 1080p support.