Dragon Quest XI S (Switch) Leveling Guide

Announced when the Nintendo Switch was still codenamed NX, Dragon Quest XI S has had a long journey to be released. Finally, it’s available to Switch owners, allowing them to play one of the best RPGs of last year. While the RPG is fairly well paced, if you want to be able to obtain every skill on each character’s board (or at least most), you’re going to need to know how to properly level your characters. Because there’s little need for grinding in most spots, this will be a quick guide that takes place in the second half of the campaign in order for you to hit Max level. You’re going to need to preserve some of your battery life as this will take a couple hours, but you should be able to go from level 40 to 99 in no time.

  1. You’ll need to be in the second portion of the game when your team is somewhat scattered.
  2. You will need Erik, Jade and Slyvando to pull this off, so at least make sure they’re in your party.
  3. Erik needs the Critical Claim ability at the top of his Guile skill tree (requires his quest to be completed).
  4. Jade’s Thunder Thrust spear ability can also come in handy, same with The Luminary’s Pep Up skill.
  5. Get into battle anywhere in the world (best would be The First Forest because enemies can heal you).
  6. Ensure Jade, Erik and The Luminary are pepped (if not, continue to guard or use a Pep Pip).
  7. The Luminary’s Pep Up skill will ensure he enters Pep status instantly.
  8. Use the Hallelujah Pep Power that will boost your EXP and Gold, along with ensuring you get item drops.
  9. Continue to guard or use Pep Pips for The Luminary, Jade and Slyvando.
  10. Use their Electro Light Pep Power to summon Metal Slimes.
  11. Be warned that there is a chance that this will summon robotic Killing Machines. Be sure to save before hand to avoid losing items.
  12. When you’re below level 70, you should only get Metal Slimes and Liquid Metal Slimes, which give you upwards of 200k EXP each.
  13. When you’re above 70, you will always get one Metal Slime King which will increase your EXP and Gold take, along with gain Pep Pip drops.
  14. Try to use Accelerate on Erik to boost his speed so he has a chance of skipping the line.
  15. Use the Critical Claim skill on an individual enemy. It will always crit and kill the Slime.
  16. Use Thunder Thrust with Jade, although be prepared for it to miss more than it hits. When it lands it will kill a Slime immediately, though.
  17. Hopefully the Slimes won’t run away by the time Erik’s turn continues to come around.
  18. You should receive 100-200k experience each from regular Metal Slimes, and even more from Metal Slime King.
  19. The most I’ve ever received from a Metal Slime King and two Liquid Metal Slimes was just shy of 1,000,000 EXP.
  20. This should boost players anywhere between 3-8 levels and takes 8 minutes each time.

This is a lengthy 100+ hour RPG that is well deserving of your time. This should hopefully make your journey in the later portion of the game a little easier. There’s so much to do and so much to experience, and everything is worthy of your time.