E3 2012: Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

A couple of months ago Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios revealed the first video for their upcoming title, Dishonored. We now have actual gameplay footage  released days before E3 and it is filled with buckets of bloodshed.

It begins with an eerie rendition of an old sailor song accompanied by gruesome murder after murder. The video raises a huge question: who is the little girl? She’s creepy and mysterious… we’ll have to wait to find out more once the game comes out, so let’s focus on other things.

There has been a lot of new information available. Two of your powers include teleportation and animal control. Teleporting is called Blink and with that you are able to warp in-between air ducts and into abandoned buildings all to avoid being seen by guards. Controlling animals like rats allow you to access the tiniest openings to gather information, sneak around unsuspected, and even call all your animal brethren to aide you in chewing enemies to death.

Dishonored can be played a number of ways. Playing through this game without killing anyone is difficult but still possible. Or you could take the drastic route and destroy every living creature. However, the darker your actions are the darker the results will be. Dishonored still looks amazing with its infusion of super natural abilities and merciless assassinations.