Evolve Launch Week Coverage Round-Up

Because of Evolve‘s online-centric nature, we wanted to take as much time as possible to test Turtle Rock’s newest title under real-world conditions. What’s the use of reviewing a multiplayer game if we’re not diving into the trenches with the rest of the world?

Over the course of the week, we’ve published oodles of Evolve articles in order to let you in on our review process as it was happening. Our goal was to put you into the mind of our reviewer (myself) every step of the way in hopes that you would have as much information as possible to make a decision on whether or not you wanted to jump into Evolve yourself. Now that our final review is live, we wanted to give you a handy compilation of this week’s Evolve content. If you’ve been with us along the way, this will give you a chance to look back on the process. If you’re just joining us now, this list gives you a chance to engage in some supplemental content that touches on some of the details that didn’t fit into the final review.