Flick Home Run — It’s Outta Here!

It’s high. It’s far. It’s Outta Here! Home runs, baseball’s most exciting aspect, now fit right in your pocket. Developed By Infinity Pocket for iPhone and Android, Flick Home Run is attempting to steal baseball fan’s hearts.

The game is simple to understand. After all, the instructions are in the title. With the flick of the finger you send the ball sailing hundreds of feet. As long as the ball goes past the dotted line, it counts as a hit. There are cool levels and a variety of different baseballs.

All the levels steadily grow in difficulty. You could say Minor Challenge is the easiest, but that’s like saying hitting a 90 mile per hour fastball is a piece of cake. After hitting enough dingers, you’ll Major Challenge and hit more to unlock the rest. Make sure you’ve got quick fingers in the blink-or-you’ll-miss-it Faster & Faster. Giant Mode  is tough; you have to hit the balls up instead of out — it’s about height not distance.  You can hit obstacles such as balloons, cars and stars to earn more points. The backgrounds are strange and diverting, giving each level a new challenge.

The baseballs move in unique ways. Along with the regular stuff, there are fastballs, sinkers and sliders — and some rather unusual ones. Ninja balls are sneaky; three spheres are thrown, but only one is revealed to be real at the last second, so swing fast. There are also Bonus balls. You earn more points, but their movements can mimic one of the other. What makes each pitch even cooler are their appearances. The baseballs have different colors and faces, breathing freshness into America’s greatest pastime.

There are some issues when hitting the ball, however. For instance, it may appear like you’ve gotten a good smack on the ball until it ends up going backwards to count as an out. As your fingers cover a large portion of the screen, it can be hard to judge if the ball was hit in the sweet spot.

Flick Home Run is an addicting game. Once you see how far that ball flies, you’ll be stepping up to the plate for more. The crack of the bat is simply satisfying. This toony take on the sport gives players of any age something to enjoy. The bright colors are sure to attract a child’s eye and the sport itself will definitely engage baseball fans. Lefties, righties, professionals and even benchwarmers will have fun. Flick Home Run is a grand slam.