God of War Ascension Pre-Order Bonus is Ugly as Sin

The PS Blog announced today that Best Buy pre-orders will get exclusive pre-order DLC. While all pre-orders get the mythological heroes DLC pack for multiplayer, Best Buy gets an exclusive…axe-looking thing that’s actually a hammer inspired by Vikings on the History Channel. As the show has yet to premire, it’s unclear how much it’s inspired by the show, if it’s taken from it directly, or just being given the “inspired by” moniker for marketing purposes, but regardless of the reason it’s there, it’s unbelivably ugly.

It’s bad enough that its shape makes it hard to tell exactly what it is. It looks kind of like an axe, but also resembles a sledgehammer to some degree as well — which is good since that’s what it’s supposed to be. The brown and gold color scheme looks nice, but is marred by the tourquise blades on the side and trim. It adds color, sure, but it’s not really a color that fits the rest of the weapon. Retailer-exclusive DLC is an annoying practice as it is, but it sticks out as being even worse when the bonuses look so unappealing. I’m sure it’s fun to squash people to bits with the hammer, but it would be even better to do so with an item that was nice to look at instead of gaudy. It’d make for a fine piece of ironically-worn jewelry though — on a real person, not a virtual avatar for the PlayStation Home.