God of War: Ascension Social Game Awards DLC, Early Demo Access

With an easily-accesible multiplayer beta and a single-player demo included with Total Recall, Sony has done a great job thus far getting the newest God of War into the hand’s of fans and gamers everywhere. Their latest promotion, dubbed “The Warrior Challenge”,┬ámay be the most interesting yet. In it, fans can sign up to win early access to a new single-player demo, exclusive weapon and armor sets and learn the story leading up to God of War: Ascension.

After signing up, “mortals” (that means you) separate into two teams, Trojan and Spartans, and join up with thousands of others to battle and earn points. A graphic novel with hidden secrets and sharing with friends on social networking unlocks new ranks and DLC content, with 2100 points the current max avaliable.

Head over here to join the challenge and check out the ranks below: