Hello Games’ Insurance Doesn’t Cover Floods. Ouch.

It was a lovely Christmas season if you weren’t near a flowing body of water anywhere in the UK.  If, on the other hand, the offices of your small game development studio were a little more than 100 feet away from a the River Wey, you’d probably be feeling a bit rivered right now.  That’s kind of like hosed, except using an entire river.  Hello Games was completely inundated during the Christmas flooding, and now it looks like their insurance doesn’t cover that kind of damage due to their office’s proximity to the river.  Oof!

Judging by the various Twitter feeds they seem to be bulling through with a positive attitude, but losing furniture, computers, personal effects, gaming consoles, and all the other bits and pieces that turn an office from a bland work area into a place worth spending crazy amounts of hours in can’t be fun.  On the plus side, a car they figured was gone forever was found, but now is stuck on the lift of a local mechanic until power is restored.  And the office plants?  They seem pretty fine with the situation.

As for No Man’s Sky, that’s only going to end up delayed a bit.  The destruction of the office doesn’t mean the destruction of code, so once the work situation is normalized it’s back up to speed on procedurally generating all the things.  In the meantime, however, if Hello Games decides it needs to do a Kickstarter for the game (or something similar) to help with recovery, our wallets and article-writing fingers are at their disposal.  For now, though, good wishes will have to do.


Before and after, 3/10 of a mile up the same road Hello Games’ office is located on.