Hitman 3: All Safe and Keypad Codes Guide

Throughout the course of Hitman 3, you will come across various keypads that will unlock doors, and safe combinations that need to be cracked to access the goods inside. Generally speaking, these will unlock various paths for you to get to a location faster or items that can help dispose of your target. We’re not talking about poisons or weapons (generally), but instead story-specific key cards and accessories.

Here are all the keypad and safe combinations we were able to uncover:


General Keypad Code 4706
Security Room Safe 6927
Penthouse Safe 7465



Alexa Carlisle Safe 1975



Club Manager Safe 1989



ICA Keypad Entrances 0118
Hush Keypad Entrances 2552



Wine Treasury 1945
Villa Basement Safe 2006


Carpathian Mountains

Lab Door Keypad 1979