Hitman 3 Guide: All Important Item Locations and Shortcuts (Chongqing)

The beautiful, neon-lit city of Chongqing, China has us looking for an ICA visionary and a technological mad man. Hold up in their own respective locations, you will need to go to some creative means in eliminating your targets. IO Interactive has made it so there’s small pieces of lethal and non-lethal items spread across each map. Because there are technically two locations, there’s plenty of items to be found along the way that will help you. There’s of course the standard crowbars, wrench and screwdrivers that can massively effect your surroundings, but also various others that may aid you in your adventures.

Once you’ve conquered Chongqing, be sure to check out the item locations and shortcuts for Mendoza, Berlin, Dartmoor and Dubai.











Keys and Keycards



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