How Jobs Works in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a massive paradigm shift for the traditionally RPG series. An M-rating, blood and a heavy focus on action are just some of the ways Stranger of Paradise strays from the series roots. While we still have more than a month of waiting to see if this gamble pays off, we do know that the game isn’t fully backing away from many of the franchise’s key staples. We’ve already seen characters, villains, dungeons and bosses that hearken back to the original release. We also know that one of the primary mechanics pulls heavily from the franchise’s history, Jobs.

Jobs are roles that the player’s characters take on that control the stats, abilities, weapons and actions. First introduced in Final Fantasy, the Job System has undergone numerous changes throughout the franchise’s many entries. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin leans heavily on Jobs to create a unique gameplay experience you won’t find in other action games. Here’s how Jobs work.

What are Basic and Advanced Jobs?

As stated above, Jobs effect protagonist Jack in a profound way. They alter his stats, the different weapons he can equip, and the abilities and actions he can take in combat. Jobs in Stranger of Paradise are split into two categories: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Jobs are the default classes in the game. They are, as the name implies, basic and generalized. They aren’t anything special, but do serve as the building blocks for more special classes. These are Advanced Jobs, which are more specific in their abilities and actions.

How to Unlock and Level Up Jobs

Unlocking Jobs is, once again, split into two categories: Basic and Advanced. As Jack, you’ll start off the game with the Swordsman Basic Job. From there, the other five Basic Jobs are unlocked by acquiring weapons associated with that job. For example, the Mage is unlocked once you get a mace.

Advanced Jobs are a little trickier to unlock. Defeating enemies grants players Job Points they can then spend leveling up their Basic Job’s job trees. As you continue to upgrade them, you’ll unlock Advanced Jobs associated with the Basic Job. For example, leveling up the Lancer Basic Job will eventually unlock the Dragoon Advanced Job. You can then spend Job Points on these Advanced Jobs to unlock more powerful abilities and weapons associated with these highly-specific Jobs.


How Many Jobs are There?

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches with 27 Jobs. Six of them are Basic and the remaining 21 are Advanced. These Jobs range from franchise mainstays like Knights, Black Mage and Thief to the all-new Breaker, Void Knight, Sage, and Tyrant. There’s going to be something here for everyone to sink their teeth into. Here’s every job available at launch:

Basic Jobs:

  1. Duelist
  2. Lancer
  3. Mage
  4. Pugilist
  5. Swordfighter
  6. Swordsman

Advanced Jobs:

  1. Assassin
  2. Berserker
  3. Black Mage
  4. Breaker
  5. Dark Knight
  6. Dragoon
  7. Knight
  8. Liberator
  9. Marauder
  10. Monk
  11. Ninja
  12. Paladin
  13. Red Mage
  14. Ronin
  15. Sage
  16. Samurai
  17. Thief
  18. Tyrant
  19. Void Knight
  20. Warrior
  21. White Mage


Will more Jobs be added as DLC?

Whether more Jobs will show up as downloadable content is a big unknown right now. What we do know is that Square Enix and Team Ninja are prepping three expansions for release sometime in the future. No word yet on what’s included, but additional Jobs doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

Looking at the current list, notable Jobs like Summoner, Bard, Machinist and Reaper are missing. Including them, other mainstay Jobs or brand-new Jobs would be a nice addition for fans.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches March 18 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.