How to Get the Small Resonant Bell in Bloodborne

From Software loves to punish gamers. Not only in practically every facet of practically every game they’ve ever developed, but their latest Bloodborne even goes so far as to make a large portion of multiplayer inaccessible during the opening hours of the game. They don’t stop there, however, as once the ability to is granted, both the mechanics and where to get the item itself is hidden.

To save headaches, we’ve decided to give a rundown of how to nab the Small and Sinister Resonant Bell.

Both bells are available at the Insight Merchant, which only shows up when your Insight level is at 10. Remember that just because you reach 10 doesn’t mean you’ll always stay there and as such you have to actually have 10 Insight Points available. Once that per-requisite is met, the Insight Merchant shows up in Hunter’s Dream. To locate it, simply head into the church and take a right out the side door.

Here’s a screenshot:


Remember that it will only appear if you are holding 10 or more Insight Points, so be careful to not use them before buying the bells. Both bells can be bought for a couple Insight Points, although the Sinister Resonant Bell (used for PvP) cannot be used until 30 Insight Points have been accrued.

Remember that the Sinister Resonant Bell allows you to join other’s games while the Beckoning Bell lets other players join your game.