How to Get to Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne

A giant castle frozen in ice, Cainhurst Castle is quite the beautiful site to behold in Bloodborne. Although an optional location, Cainhurst is a large environment with a king boss that can net you plenty of Blood Echoes and even a crown.

Here’s how to get there:

1. In the Forbidden Woods, move forward until you reach a gate with a trap. Hug left and continue left past the dog pen.

2. You’ll find a cave filled with giants and a poisonous pond. Continue past the small shrine and you’ll find another opening with two ladders.

3. Go up the ladders and you’ll find yourself back at the start of the game, but now you can open up the shortcut. While opening up the shortcut, take a left, climb another ladder and reach the medical center you woke up at.

4. Take a right and you’ll find a little blue man. On the table is the Cainhurst Summons invitation.

5. Now that you have the letter, head to Hemwick Charnel Lane, and provided you’ve unlocked the shortcut to the Witch of Hemwick, continue forward to the center of the large area where a large erect statue resides.

6. Enter the creepy carriage and you will arrive in the Forsaken Castle Cainhurst.