Indie Royale Getaway Bundle Released

The Indie Royale bundlers are back with one of the most diverse bundles released in a long time. This one brings together a weird gravity-defying 3D action game Shattered Horizon, the visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story, a point and click WRESTLING ADVENTURE called Da New Guys, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, which evokes Oregon Trail visually, but has an action bend to it, Waves, a fun twin stick shooter, and MiniFlake, a Game Boy-styled dungeon-crawler. Paying a bit over $5 presently gets you those games, plus OSTs for the Da New Guys, Waves, and Analogue.

If you pay more than $8, you’ll get the album Handheld Heroes Volume 1. These bundles have been hit or miss lately, but this is a must-buy for me for Waves and Shattered Horizon, with Da New Guys being something I’ll at least try because it involves wrestling, and Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’s premise begs for at least one playthrough.