IndieGameStand Store Launch Sale Begins

It’s been one year since IGS launched and allowed you to pay you wanted for a single indie game every four days. Now, the store is allowing you to buy games at any time. To celebrate the launch, 14 games are on sale until October 1. Escape Goat can be yours for $4, while SpaceChem will cost you $8, Gnomoria is $8.50, while Megabyte Punch is $17. Gimbal is $12, Aztaka is $5, Weird Worlds is $8, and the Cognition Series is $20. Krunch is down to $5, while Zigfrak is a mere $2.45. Paranautical Activity is $7.50, Vox is $5, The Real Texas is $10, and Dungeon Dashers closes it out at $8.50.