Jax Returns With Powerbombs in New Mortal Kombat X Trailer

Not going to lie, Mortal Kombat games don’t feel complete unless you have one of the baddest dudes in it: Jackson “Jax” Briggs. For a good two days, Jax was unofficially confirmed for Mortal Kombat X thanks to the first 30 minutes of the game’s story mode being released on Polygon’s YouTube channel. However, a new trailer released today not only showcases more of Jax, but also gives fans a taste of his daughter, Jacqueline.

The trailer shows us what we usually come to expect from Jax, which is relentless power and strength. This time around, Jax not only can bust open some heads and deliver bone-crunching powerbombs, but we also find that his daughter Jacqueline takes up after him as well. Jacqueline comes into the trailer donned in the same type of powerhouse arms as her daddy and it’s also worth noting that she might have a thing going on for Takeda.

Peep the official neck snapping trailer below.