Joe Danger Poster Rips Off ‘Hot Rod’

Joe Danger: The Movie, the follow-up to the acclaimed 2010 Joe Danger, is just about ready for release. While the game looks to be a fun riff on clichéd Hollywood stunts, the marketing material has us scratching our heads. Upon seeing the promotional “poster” for the game, we were instantly reminded of the 2007 Andy Samburg film “Hot Rod”.

Check it out yourself:

Joe Danger: The Movie

Hot Rod

It’s hard to deny that there was a clear “influence” from the Hot Rod poster. The circular blue background with stars, the pose of the titular heroes and the motorcycles bursting in flames out of the logo are all nearly identical. While the game is riffing on movies, it’s doubtful it was meant as a parody. Let’s face it; nobody cares enough about Hot Rod to do an homage.

Hopefully the game proves to be more original than its promotional material would indicate.