Kaz Hirai Steps Down From SCE

It was announced today that Kaz Hirai, recently appointed Sony CEO and beloved by the Playstation audience, has stepped down from his position at SCE. Kaz was acting as chairman and executive director, but has decided that he would focus mainly on the entirety of Sony Corp. rather than just their video game department. Kaz will still be involved with decision making and financial strategies for that section of Sony, but far from the degree he once was.

This comes off the heels of Sony posting a record annual loss to both the computer entertainment department and Sony as a whole. Maybe it’s best for Kaz to focus on the bigger things, but what does this say for the Playstation brand and how can Sony reshape themselves to post a profit in the future years? Only time will tell, but Kaz Hirai¬†definitely¬†has his work cut out for him.