Konami Testing Dance Dance Revolution Reboot in Arcades

It’s been awhile since the last Dance Dance Revolution in America. Since then, Konami has practically abandoned all support for the once-booming series. Since Dance Central and Just Dance began to light up the charts, many feared that the days of pad-based dance games were over. Not content to give up, Konami is now testing a reboot of the series in Japanese arcades.

Dubbed simply “Dance Dance Revolution”, the cabinet resembles the recent “X” entries of the series, with some LED lights scattered about the machine. As the series has gotten seemingly unexciting for the average arcade-goer, bringing it back to its basics could prove a smart move.

It’s unknown whether it will ever see the light of day in North America, but those planning a trip to Japan (can we come?) in the next few days can test it out in Tokyo. Head over here for the details.