Large Pokémon Update Includes New Mega Evolutions

Following the announcement of Mega Beedrill and Mega Pidgeot, additional details on legends and other features have emerged. It’s been confirmed in a video released today that both Latias and Latios are going Mega and can be used to fly around Hoenn. It may be a new form of HM 02, Fly, but perhaps only allowed by the two creatures. You can also explore the skies to encounter mysterious patches of clouds which will reveal rare, wild Pokémon.

Also, the video showcases a list of legends that can be captured in Hoenn. They include Lugia, Ho-oh, Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom. These are all the duo-legends from generations II, IV and V. These could potentially be the Pokémon hiding inside the patches of black clouds.

One feature that makes a comeback is the PokéNav. In Ruby and Sapphire the device was used for all sorts of functions. The map, news channel and Pokémon-Amie will make a comeback through the device. You’ll be able to train, care and learn about all your Pokémon in one spot. It’s nice such an integral piece of the game is returning, especially with improvements to the map, which now allows you to locate trainers per route.

Two more Mega Evolution images were released as well; Glalie and Steelix, both of which seem to have received an upgrade. Steelix gains the Sand Force ability which boosts the power Rock, Ground and Steel-type attacks during sandstorms. They look very pretty now and quite mystical, and perhaps there’s room for it to learn Fairy-type attacks like Mawile does as a Steel/Fairy-type.

Glalie looks a bit more mobile in its Mega form. It has stubby leg-like formations so its Speed stat could increase. It gains Refrigerate which changes all Normal-type attacks to Ice, making moves like Hyper Beam devastating to any Dragon or Grass Pokémon.

And, the final bit of news is about an Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby demo coming this month. On October 21, trainers can get a jump start on their journey through Hoenn. It will be available to those who are members of the Pokémon Trainer Club. Join now so you can receive the demo before the games release next month.