Man Builds Bathroom to Look (and Sound) like Mushroom Kingdom

The year was 2012, and Mark Ronsman had just given up Facebook for Lent and cancelled his cable TV. With life as most know it suddenly ceasing to exist, he found himself with an abundance of free time and needed an outlet for creativity. So what did he do? Built a Mario-themed bathroom, of course.

From the moment you walk in to, well, do your business, it’s clear that this is no ordinary bathroom. The wall has been painted blue with stickers on the walls to resemble scenes from the NES Marios, with Goombas, Koopa Troopas, blocks and mushrooms abound — although the highlight is certainly the Piranha Plant coming out of the pipe above the toilet. Mark originally wanted to paint the toilet green, but is married and even with the most understanding wife, “irreparably painting a toilet green is off the table.” Outside of the wall murals, practically everything that can be Mario-tized is or soon will be. The wall clock is made of a Super Mario Bros. 3 NES cartridge (which we’re assured is a lesser game that had the label replaced), the towels are custom embroidered with a 1-Up Mushroom, there’s Mario figures decorating the sink, the rug is a blue mushroom and the soaps (useable, but decoration only) are shaped like a NES cartridge and controller.


While all of this is quite the impressive feat, perhaps nothing tops the sounds of the bathroom. That’s right, the bathroom is custom equipped to play sounds when various feats are accomplished, such as the Mario Underground Theme when the lights are turned on and a multi-flush toilet playing the tube sound after going #1 and the sound of Mario dying if you go #2. How fitting. To accomplish all of this, Ronsman purchased one of these for the lights and one of these for the two toilet flush buttons as well as USB power convertors to ensure they never run out of batteries and then ran everything to speakers in the ceiling tiles. Talk about a labor of love.

So what’s next for Ronsman? Adding green Mario tubes for the trash can and plunger and then always scouring for new additions to ensure that his and his guest’s “business” happens in gaming bathroom nirvana.

Check out a full gallery below as well as a short video demonstrating the sound effects.

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  1. That is what happens when you have a few friends over for drinks and you aren’t paying attention. I was wondering how long it’d be until someone said something!

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