Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: Seliana Amenities Guide

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has a brand new hub area that players will be introduced to once they reach Master Rank. This new area is on a completely different continent and it can be a little bit confusing to navigate at first in addition to have some new features. In order to alleviate a little bit of the confusion, we have a straightforward info guide on each area and what it offers to the every day hunter! Be sure to check out our review afterwards for an even more detailed look at Iceborne.


After reaching the Hoarfrost Reach, it was up to the hunting team to make a new settlement in order to investigate. Thus Seliana was built, complete with all the amenities a hunter could need! Most will be familiar, but there are a few new locations that hunters should be aware of so we’re going to walk through all of them so players can get a grasp of the new locale.


Every good hub has a place to get some grub, and Seliana is no different. Grammeowster is the server of food here and will be sure to send everyone off on a hunt with filling warm food. It’s always best to eat before a hunt as it offers health, stamina and other stat increases that will be sure to help in a fight. The Canteen area here is also where players will find the handler, an item box and an area to change their Palico’s equipment. It’s an absolute must-visit before charging out into the cold of the Hoarfrost Reach.

Provisions Stockpile & Resource Center

Well equipped hunters will try to combine a lot of items they find out and about to make supplies, but it’s easy to run low when up against tough monsters. Fortunately the Provisions Stockpile salesman is here to save the day. Stock up on potions, hot drinks, ammo and more all at one convenient place. Even more helpful is to the stairs just right of him is the resource center where players can turn in requests, manage their investigations and take on bounties.

Melding & Farming

In the bottom corner is Seliana is where hunters will find an old wyverian with a giant melding pot. This is where items and decorations can be made depending on what the hunter is after. It’s always good to keep the melder in mind when trying to get that rare gem or just looking for that last decoration to complete an armor set. Right next to her is a two for one deal, with the Argosy and Botany together in one location. Players can send out ships to find items and farm for some blue mushrooms in one convenient place between hunts.


Hunters would be nothing without their weapons and armor, so the smithy might just be the most important place to visit! Players will be able to come here to craft new gear, upgrade what they have and take a look at what armor can offer them. The armor right next to it will also have gear for outright purchase, but this is typically much weaker and just meant to start out beginners before they start getting better gear. There’s also an item box nearby to swap gear around once it’s been made.


Prior to Iceborne, hunters had to go inside their room to find their housekeeper. This time around in Seliana, the Felyne keeper stands right outside conveniently. Talking to them gives access to the Tailraider Safari, Training Area and Add-on bonuses such as free items packs. Players will still have to go inside their house to customize their room and change any of the Handler’s outfits, but it’s much more convenient to have the non-customizable features outside without having to go through a loading screen.

Lynian Research

New to Iceborne is the item known as the Surveyor Set. This is essentially just a camera to take photos with, but the Lynian Researcher has a grander task in mind. He has certain photos he wants willing hunters to capture for a nice reward. Using the Surveyor Set just requires it to be on the item wheel and then can be used anywhere hunters can go! He’ll be waiting to hear back whenever hunters take some photos and this is his only locale, so be sure to check back once some photos have been taken in order to reap the benefits of a job well done.


The final new addition is the Steamworks. This mini-game contraption uses fuel, or ores, in order to be powered up. The Steamworks as a great way to get rid of excess ore for a good amount of extra items. The challenge is hunters must button press in order to help raise the the steam. Once filled up players will be rewarded with a slew of rare items to help on their quest and maybe even some new customization for their homes. This isn’t mandatory by any means, but is a great mini-game that comes with a great selection of rare items that will be incredibly useful as the hunt continues.

Master Rank Gathering Hall

The new Gathering Hall in Iceborne has a variety of new places to check out. While it has expanded in size, it’s still clean and easy to navigate with some brand new places to relax before or after a hunt. Previously hunters could have to do a lot of back and fourth in order to manage items, but now the gathering hall conveniently offers it all without having to leave the area!

Basic Resources

The upgraded Gathering Hall comes equipped with all the basics hunters need before they set out. This includes access to provisions, argosy, botany, canteen and resource center in the central area. There’s also quick access to the smithy with no loading screen so players can quickly gear up like never before instead of taking their time while other hunters wait. Right near the exit is also a convenient item box and place to change Palico equipment so players almost never have to leave the gathering hall to get what they need.

Squad Center

The squad center returns to the gathering hall and allows players to manage the squads they’re apart of. New to squads is the ability to make sub-leaders, who in turn can send out invites to others wanting to join up along the way. Right beside the squad center is the message board where players can easily check up on current or upcoming events while also giving quick access to the PlayStation or Xbox store should they so desire to check out the DLC available.

Quest Counter

Looking to finally get out and hunt? The gathering hall is the best place to check! At the quest counter hunters will see two people who will help them out. On the right, players can embark on any quest they desire including any sieges available at the time. To the left is access to the Arena, where players can challenge themselves with pre-set items, armor and weapons with a friend in order to take down various enemies in record time. This will also be where hunters select a quest they want to go on with others, so be sure to check and see what has been posted regularly!

Hot Springs, Foot Bath and Sauna

Hunting monsters isn’t exactly a light-hearted profession, and even the mightiest of hunters need a break every now and then. Fortunately the new gathering hall gives them just that with the brand new relaxing zones. This includes a hot springs where players can take off their armor to have a soak with friends and their felyne companions. Hunters can splash around, take in the sights or even compete to see who can hold their breath the longest. The foot bath allows a nice calming dip in some warm water, while the hunters palico is more than happy to relax by their side. Finally anyone who can really take the heat should check out the sauna, where the heat is high and it might just sap the stamina out of a hunter who stays in a bit too long. While none of these offer any actual benefits, they’re a welcome addition to the gathering hall that makes it feel alive especially when sitting down to play with a group of hunters after a tough fight in the frozen wastes.

Everything previously found in Astera returns to be found in Seliana, along with a good mix of new things to try out and experience. The new gathering hub makes for the best way to hunt with others with its access to more amenities, and players are sure to enjoy relaxing in the hot springs when they just need a little break now and then. Hopefully players now have a better look at Seliana and don’t get lost along the way when preparing for the next big hunt!

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