Music Monday: September 16 Edition

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, for another installment in Hardcore Gamer Japan’s weekly article, Music Monday! Today, we want to bring attention to one song that we’ve had stuck in our head since its release back in June of this year. While not as bubble-gum pop as last week’s e-Girl’s entry, or as ballad-esque as Miho Fukuhara’s “Beyond” from weeks ago, singer Miwa’s “Delight” is nevertheless every bit as infectious and expertly written as those that came before it. Its verses are calm and haunting, while its chorus is disarmingly and unapologetically feel good in nature. The sequence of the latter half of the chorus is especially emotionally-charged, laying out a descending chain of notes that is without question spellbinding in the most impressive of ways. Moreover, the bridge, with its rhythm directed by the steady thumping of a wonderfully mic’ed floor bass, is invigorating and surprisingly dance-y. In any event, today’s song has all the parts we look for when putting together the week’s article.

Miwa debuted back in 2010 with her single “Don’t Cry Anymore,” which some will know from the popular Japanese television series, Naka nai to kimeta Hi. Needless to say, the 23 year old Tokyo native certainly has made an impact in her three years in the industry, charting at number 1 with two out of three albums released. Her latest album (also bearing the name) “Delight” is her highest grossing record, selling over 95,000 copies since its launch back on May 22, 2013.

But enough of the history lesson, it’s time to check out the song and video. So get to it; press that play button already!