Mutant Football Hoping For Resurrection Thanks to Kickstarter

The Mutant League series was something of a huge deal in the early ’90s. Mutant League Football was an excellent super-violent game using the Madden engine, while Mutant League Hockey used the NHL engine to great effect in the same way. But with more sharks. There was even a cartoon series that featured some of the most generic-looking art outside of the MK cartoon, but it was still cool to see a gaming series represented on TV. Nearly 20 years have passed since then and while EA owns the rights to Mutant League, they don’t own the rights to mutant-based sports – enter THE MUTANT FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

It’s a name that is somehow legal despite being super-duper similar to the original, but looks to carry on the legacy of the dormant franchise nicely. The Kickstarter video is cheesy fun and captures the same cheesy violent spirit of the original. This game is set to come to both mobile devices on iOS and Android, as well as XBLA. $15 gets you the mobile version, digital stock for the game, and a digital newsletter. $30 gets you that and the XBLA version, an OST, and an art bible.  $50 gets you all of that and digital trading cards, a playbook, and strategy guide. That’s about it for the sane levels of the tiers, as $2500 lets you be an in-game character, and record a catchphrase for it, an MFL jersey and an in-game ball to spike. $5,000 lets you design and name a play, a statuette of a mutant in a Heisman pose, and an in-game cheerleader squad along with an associate designer game credit.