New Petition Aims to Stop PC Version of GTAV

This certainly isn’t an April Fools joke. Anti-PC advocate Trevor Phillips has taken his views to and has compiled a petition that asks Rockstar Games to NOT produce a PC version of the upcoming, open-world spectacle of Grand Theft Auto V.

As surprising as it is, 1,636 people have signed as of this writing, but their comments on the issue aren’t all that positive for Phillips sake. Some say that this effort will surely keep PC players from pirating the game and force them to actually support it by buying the console version. Others say that this petition is flat out stupid as PC gaming brings about a world of wonders and that the GTA franchise should return to the platform from which it originally started.

Both sides stand firm in their reasoning, but here’s the kicker: there is another petition on fully supporting GTAV on the PC, of which there are 341,563 signees. All comments seem to be positive towards the stand. If Rockstar needs any proof for a PC market, petitions like these paint a big picture.