New Pokémon X Gameplay Demo Footage

We have newly obtained footage of Pokémon X, straight from Gamescom. The demo is all in German, so if you sprechen sie Deutsch, feel free to translate it all for us. What we see so far are a bit of the basics. First, you notice Pokémon-Amie on the bottom screen. This new feature allows you to interact with your Pokémon by feeding or petting them. Then, all the good stuff. You speak with Alexa, sister to the Lumiose City’s gym leader, who explains what you should do once running into a wild Pokémon. A quick battle with a talking Pikachu reveals Fennekin’s moves, one of which is a Psychic attack. This might be giving us a clue to it becoming a dual Fire/Psychic-type once it evolves.

So, Pikachu faints and the player walks around a fountain, then pulls up some photograph looking images of Snorlax, Froakie, Chespin, Pikachu and Fennekin. It appears to just be a demo message about Pokémon-Amie since there is mention of playing with your Pokémon, then the person playing the demo began petting their Fennekin and feeding it; all we know from this is Fennekin is one picky eater. After playing around, the player hops on a nearby Skiddo and the little goat Pokémon skips and bounces around. Nothing extensive, but it appears like they can’t go up a few stairs.

They run into another talking Pikachu (he’s the only thing I can understand in the whole demo). It uses Double Team and ElectroBall, but those could not help it against Fennekin. After the fight, the player is gliding…rollerblading, maybe even skating. They are doing something which is definitely not running. The player then starts a battle with another trainer which reveals a little cinematic cutscene of her tossing out the first Pokémon. It’s pretty nice there’s more emphasis on trainers than just the creatures. There’s even a little more at the end of the battle.


Then, what the heck? You receive a level 100 Mewtwo from Professor Sycamore to battle against his level 100 Crobat. It appears that he wants you to check out the new Mega Evolution feature. It’s not clear how the player was able to transform Mewtwo since the camera did not pan down to the controls. Mega Mewtwo makes quick work of the Professor’s team then he’s all “well what did I expect,” but in German, whatever that translates to.

And the demo is over. So, we learned some of the features for Pokémon-Amie, some attacks from a couple of Pokémon and got to check out the Mega form. Not a bad amount of info for a demo. Of course there was tons more, so if you want to watch the whole thing, check it out below. Maybe you’ll spot a few fun things I didn’t point out.

2 thoughts on “New Pokémon X Gameplay Demo Footage

  1. “This might be giving us a clue to it becoming a dual Fire/Psychic-type once it evolves.”

    Well, I hope so. A starter that mimics Vicitini’s type? Yes please. I love when starters become dual types vs. just staying mono type when fully evolved, even if it is crappy typing like *ahem* Torterra.

    The skating thing is, uh, an interesting replacement for the bike?

    The Pikachu speaking is just odd. Is Pikachu going to be the only pokemon that speaks vs. making its assigned noise? Maybe it’s for demonstration purposes only? Well at least I was able to take solace in the fact that I could understand what it was saying, because I don’t “sprechen sie Deutsch”. 😉

    Nun, wenn ich benutze google übersetzen kann ich!

    Wow. So a level 100 mega evolved Mewtwo was able to pwn. That’s unexpected? At least it shows you don’t lose a turn when engaging the mega evolution?

    Still this was a fun watch 🙂

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