NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Fishing Guide

One of the many past times in NieR Replicant, and one that deals with a lengthy but rewarding side quest, involves fishing the various sea life in various locations. If you progress through the side quest, which is one of the few not gated by the mid-game event, “The Fisherman’s Gambit,” you will increase your capabilities in catching fish at a faster rate. When you start, it will take a fair bit of time just to reel in a simple Sardine and Bream, but by progressing through the ranks you’ll be able to catch legendary fish.

Here is a list of all the fish that are in the game, where to catch them and the bait that’s needed. This is a very good way to earn gold, so get fishing!


Small Fish: These are standard fish that can be hooked when the bob disappears into the water. These generally require two or three tugs on the line.

Fish Bait Location
Shaman Fish Lure Seafront – Hidden Beach
Sardine* Lure Seafront – Beach
Blowfish* Lure Seafront – Pier
Rainbow Trout* Lure Northern Plains – Below the Junkyard Entrance
Bream* Lure Seafront – Pier
Carp Earthworm Nier’s Village – Pond
Black Bass* Lure Nier Village – Pond
Giant Catfish Carp Eastern Valley – Pond
Shark Lure Seafront – Pier


Large Fish: These require the player to identify the strength of first tug. If it feels strong, you have to immediately hook it on the first tug. You can’t wait for the bob to submerge.

Fish Bait Location
Blue Marlin Lure/Sardine Seafront – Pier
Royal Fish* Earthworm Eastern Valley – Pond
Sandfish* Lure Desert – Sandpits
Hyneria* Sardine Desert – Sandpits
Dunkleosteus** Lure/Sardine Seafront – Pier
Rhizodont* Sardine Desert – Sandpits

* Fish required for The Fisherman’s Gambit quest.
** Dunkleosteus is the only large fish that will come with three tugs

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