NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Weapon Location Guide

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… has five endings to watch if you want to get the full story. In order to get endings C, D and E, Nier needs to collect every weapon in the game. Some of these weapons are unmissable while others can only be obtained through completing time-consuming quests. To minimize the amount of time and headache in securing all of these weapons, Hardcore Gamer has created a list of each weapon and its location. Note that Two-Handed Swords and Spears do not become available until later in the game.

One-Handed Swords:

  • Nameless Blade – Remember on the old Street Fighter II arcade cabinets where you would get one point for putting in a quarter? Probably not, but this weapon is that point. This is the weapon Nier has after completing the segment in year 2053.
  • Lily-Leaf Sword – This can be purchased from the Nier’s Village Blacksmith for 2,400 gold.
  • Nirvana Dagger – This is probably the first weapon Nier finds. During the ascent of the Lost Temple this is in a crate. Just compulsively destroy every crate in sight (which is a good practice for every game) and it will eventually be found.
  • Moonrise – During the journey from Nier’s village to Seafront someone is being attacked by some rather large and intimidating looking Shades. Kill them and he gives the sword as a reward.
  • Rebirth – Complete the Barren Temple and this is the reward.
  • Earth Wyrm’s Sword – This can be purchased from the Facade’s Blacksmith for 8,400 gold.
  • Beastbain – This can be purchased from Nier’s Village or the Aerie’s Blacksmith for 16,800 gold.
  • Blade of Treachery – This weapon can practically be discovered by accident. On the first visit to Emil’s mansion there is a fight with a Shade in the hallway. During the altercation a nearby crate broke, uncovering the weapon. If your fight with the Shade is clean enough where you don’t destroy your surrounding, break the crate after the fight and the weapon is yours.
  • Faith – This is awarded by the Mayor of the Forest of Myth after freeing him and two citizens from Deathdream. This can also be purchased from the Aerie Blacksmith later in the game for 18,000 gold if missed. Mild spoiler warning: get this when it’s available since something eventually happens that makes it unavailable on the current playthrough.
  • Phoenix Dagger – This can be purchased from the Seafront Blacksmith for 31,200 gold.
  • Labyrinth’s Whisper – Awarded for completing the quest A Bridge in Peril. After the key fragment is obtained from the Lost Shrine, one of the guards in Nier’s village at the gate to the Northern Plains has a quest to kill an enormous Shade near the bridge in the Northern Plains. The Shade isn’t always there, so just periodically go looking for it. Eventually the massive armored Shade will appear. Kill it and the weapon is yours.
  • Iron Pipe – Not only does getting Ending B expand on the story, it also gives you this nice Iron Pipe for a prize. Aside from the novelty of beating Shades with a pipe, the best thing about this is that it could be the final component to unlocking the way to Ending C.
  • Ancient Overlord – Unmissable story item given in Facade. Not acquiring this weapon violates rule 53,815.

Two-Handed Swords:

  • Kusanagi – Story weapon that can’t be missed. This sword signifies that Nier has become a man and has the requisite strength to wield large two-handed swords.
  • Axe of Beheading – Can be purchased from Nier’s Village or the Aerie’s Blacksmith for 19,200 gold.
  • Fang of the Twins – In Emil’s super creepy mad scientist basement laboratory there is a small room at the end of a hallway.
  • Vile Axe – Can be purchased from the Seafront Blacksmith for 21,600 gold.
  • Beastlord – In the second half of the game this can be found inside a crate on the roof of the Lost Shrine. This is near the savepoint and boss fight.
  • Iron Will – Unmissable story weapon. You get the Iron Will in the Junk Yard from Gideon in the weapon shop.
  • Phoenix Sword – This one is easy to miss since it’s so late in the game the player may have stopped actively searching for weapons but if you follow the smash every crate general rule it shan’t be missed. After the point of no return message Nier will find himself in a garden. The sword is in a crate to the left of the door.
  • Labyrinth’s Song – Awarded for completing the quest Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, and it’s a small undertaking. After acquiring the Loyal Cerebus key, a guard at Facade’s entrance gives the A Shade Entombed quest. After that quest is the complete, the King of Facade will give Disturbing the Sleep of Kings. The quest requires a return visit to the Barren Temple to dispatch all the Shades. Once they’re all dispatched, return to the king for the weapon.


  • Transience – Unmissable story weapon. This is the weapon that introduces the fact that Nier can use spiers.
  • Spear of the Usurper – This can be purchased from the Seafront Blacksmith for 21,600 gold.
  • The Devil Queen – After climbing up to the back entrance of the Lost Shrine this is in one of the crates. Refer to the earlier note about why smashing every crate is a good practice.
  • Sunrise – This can be purchased from Nier’s Village or the Aerie’s Blacksmith for 21,600 gold.
  • Beastcurse – When Nier returns to the Junk Yard and uses the elevator to access B2, smash the crate beside the hole in the ground and this weapon is his. This is in the room with the save point, which means the crate should be smashed before jumping down the hole.
  • Captain’s Holy Spear – This can be purchased from the Facade Blacksmith for 30,000 gold.
  • Dragoon Lance – After escaping from Goose (the oddly-named giant armored Boar) this weapon can be found in a crate right before the spiral staircase.
  • Phoenix Spear – This can be purchased from the Facade Blacksmith for 32,400 gold.
  • Labyrinth’s Shout – Awarded for completing The Damaged Map quest, and this is the most time consuming weapon to acquire unless you want to get technical and give that title to the Iron Pipe. In the second half of the game the Blacksmith in Nier’s Village will mention a treasure map. To find map go to the top floor of the library on the side with Popola’s office. The Dirty Map will be in an old book in the bookshelf. The map in its current state is useless but taking it to the Strange-Thing Store in Facade can restore it. Restoring it requires three drops of machine oil, three eggplants and three goat hides. You may have the goat hides from killing goats in the first half of the game, but if not goats can be found on the Eastern Road. Eggplants can be purchased in Nier’s Village, and machine oil can be occasionally dropped by the flying robots in the Junk Heap. After the map has been restored return it to the Blacksmith in Nier’s Village. His wife will ask you to search for the treasure in place of him, so take the map to Popola to have her decipher it to you. The treasure is in the Lost Shrine where the sunlight does not reach. To be more specific, take the stairs in the Lost Shrine to the second floor and go through a few rooms until you reach an open area with a pile of rubble against the wall. There should be a quest arrow pointing in the room behind the rubble pile and that’s the treasure. The treasure is worthless, but a job is a job so report back to the Blacksmith’s wife. She wants to surprise her husband with something so she gives you her hair ornament and asks you to exchange the ornament for something shiny she can give her husband. Agree to exchange it, which means a trip back to the Strange-Thing Store in Facade where it’s exchanged for a Gold Coin. Return to the Blacksmith with the Gold Coin and he will give you the first treasure map he ever found. Take this map to Popola to decipher it. The map is of the Northern Plains and mentions the start of the Steel Bridge. Go to where the Steel Bridge is standing, and underneath the left section of the bridge there’s Labyrinth’s Shout, completing the quest.

The hiding place of Labyrinth’s Shout

Bonus Weapons:

Fool’s Embrace, Fools Lament, Fools Accord: Starting on the second playthrough, Nier can access The World of Recycled Vessel DLC by reading his mother’s diary on the first floor of his house. Beat the enemies behind all three doors to receive one weapon each from each door. Completing these challenges also unlocks a new costume.