No Monsters but a Broken Reality in Ode to a Moon Reveal Trailer

Harvest festivals have got to be one of the worst ideas mankind has come up with.  Fall is already a time of transformation into sleep or death and, while it’s good that the harvest is out of the ground and safely stored away to ensure the possibility of not starving until the earth defrosts enough to bear life again, making a joyous noise about it is bound to draw the worst kind of attention.  Ode to a Moon is the story of what happened after yet another harvest festival goes ends in horror, helped in no small part by being held on the night of a lunar eclipse.  The town was practically begging for whatever it is The Worst That Can Happen exists in fear of to pay a visit, but the aftermath will fill a few column inches in a tabloid so a reporter heads out, camera in hand, to document the remains.  Set in modern-day New England and covering areas from the malls in the heart of town to the stone ruins that exist in the woods on the edges of suburbia, it’s a walk through a moonlit night where reality is breaking down around you.  There will be no monsters, no jump scares, but rather a world falling apart and creating an oppressive atmosphere that you need to somehow work your way through.

Ode to a Moon is the latest game from Colorfiction, who were responsible for a lovely stroll through the hypercolorful dimensions 0°N 0°W.  Like the previous game it focuses on atmosphere and setting, except this time it’s all gone horribly wrong.  To see just how wrong there’s a trailer below, and it’s worth remembering that while a monster can kill you, the shattered edges of a broken world can do far, far worse.