Oculus VP: VR, Rift Might Be More About Film Than Games

The Oculus Rift is still getting a lot of attention from the gaming community, even after the controversial acquisition of the Oculus studio by social media giant Facebook.

CES 2015 sparked even more exposure of Oculus’ VR philosophy to the public, along with the potential of using VR beyond gaming.

Oculus vice president Nate Mitchell spoke to the public about their plans for VR, along with where the concept could go in the future:

“We’ve said from the beginning we’re big gamers, and we started Oculus to deliver consumer VR and revolutionize games, but it may well end up being that VR is more about film than games. But it’s possible. We don’t know what the killer app is.”

It sounds like Oculus are still experimenting with the best medium for the Rift, so moving away from gaming isn’t necessarily out of the question for them. The Sundance Film Festival is set to have at least 13 films that use VR for viewing, while Google Play is giving various concert films VR support on their service.

On the other hand, VR is currently catching on in gaming more than ever, with Sony continuing development for their Morpheus gaming headset. We’ll have to wait until later this year to see where VR will strike hardest.