5 Things We Want for PS4 Firmware 4.0

Beta signups are currently underway to be able to try out what is going to be part of the next firmware update for the PlayStation 4. This means that soon enough we’ll know exactly what new tricks our system will be able to do in the coming months. Until then here are five things we’d like to see out of PlayStation 4 System Software 4.0.



Way back in the beginning of 2013 when the PS4 was just a a glimmer in Sony’s eye, we were all still booting up our PS3s and navigating through our lovely cross media bars. While the XMB did have plethora of problems, one of the things that it did right was the ability to put games and all other kinds of media into folders. This simple organizational feature has yet to make it’s way over to Sony’s newest console and nearly three years into its lifecycle. It’s a bit mind boggling that in order to play something that you haven’t messed around with in a while, you have to scroll through a gallery of PS Plus offerings that you never played in order to find what you want, and folders alleviate this issue.

Wish Lists/Notifications


Since the launch of the PS4 the PlayStation Store has seen a vast improvement in comparison to its PS3 counterpart. Sony has also done a good job with putting a bunch of good games on their weekly and flash sales as well. However, the lack of a wish list that could notify you when games you might care about go on sale on the console itself, leaves some in danger of missing out on some slick deals. This feature would certainly help sort the items you’re looking for and could aid you in pulling the trigger whenever something from a few years ago drops in price.

Gift Giving


Everyone loves Christmas and the fun of getting something from a friend or showing a family member a game you think they might be into is special feeling. Now, in an era when you can set your console to automatically download a game while you’re in the bathroom, buying someone a digital title that you think they ought to try out has never been easier. Just the thought of coming home on your birthday to a few games from friends already queued up and ready to go would be the contemporary equivalent to waking up on Christmas morning.

Cross Platform Play

Rocket League

This one’s a long time coming. While there have been a few examples of games that have worked between PlayStation consoles and PC, Xbox Live and PSN just have never played well together. With Rocket League developer Psyonix pushing hard for cross-play and bigger studios like Blizzard and CD Project Red thinking about dipping their toe in the water, however, it looks like now more than ever that this could be a real possibility. While PC players might not be welcome when it comes to a lot of shooters due to the keyboard-controller conundrum, Xbox and PlayStation fans might be able to set aside their differences in the console war and just enjoy killing each other other online on both systems.

PSN Name Change


This is something that almost undoubtably is not going to happen, but the day when this feature is added, will be the day when everyone who’s digital games and trophies are tied to the username “BongBro69” that was created in 2007 can finally breath easy. While it seems a rather simple concept, Sony hasn’t really listened to its users who have for years have begged to be able to change “Bilbo_Baggyballs” to avoid the inevitable awkward conversation with a new friend at work. While it doesn’t seem like it is the highest priority at Sony HQ, firmware 4.0 mighty finally be the salvation for all of us with terrible PSN names.

PlayStation Network isn’t the perfect online gaming network by any means. But hopefully a number of these features, along with some other really cool stuff find, their way in this firmware update.