Be the Envy of Your Friends with a Full-Size Arcade Shooting Gallery

Have you ever been to a once state-of-the-art arcade, old west town or other yesteryear amusement and seen an enormous shooting gallery in the arcade? The gamer that you are, you surely dumped some quarters in to fire the light gun rifles and see plastic targets rattle around when hit, while young onlookers question their parents what an arcade is. Witnessing these behemoths happens infrequently enough, but seeing them for sale on the secondary market? It’s like a unicorn. A $10,000 unicorn.

But that’s exactly what’s happened today on Craigslist in Bloomington, MN, with one such game dubbed “Northern Lights” up for sale. The shooting gallery has six guns, waterfall effects and over twenty-seven effects to keep you busy for over five minutes, at least three of those in the first playthrough. Made by Amusement Electronics and originally retailing for a whopping $52,000, it’s actually a great deal if you have the space to devote to it and the sanity to refute questions of, well, your sanity.

Check out pictures of it below and a full gallery here: