Beck’s Most Anticipated E3 2013 Games

We’ve asked our Editors to list off their most anticipated games expected to be shown at E3 2013. For a game to be on this list, the title has to be either confirmed or rumored to have some form of presence at E3. Speculation on some scale will be fine, but if it’s an unrealistic prediction or was announced to not be at E3, don’t expect it to appear in the list. This list contains the opinions of Adam Beck and not necessarily that of Hardcore Gamer as a whole. 

10. Dynasty Warriors 8


This is probably the oddest entry in my top ten, at least in the eyes of most people. I could have listed Saints Row IV or The Wolf Among Us, both games I can’t wait to check out, but I am still a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series. I’m more than aware that the game probably features repetitive gameplay elements and incremental upgrades from past installments, not to mention it comes out relatively soon, but East Asian culture and history is something that appeals to me. If you can take historical figures and events from one of the oldest recorded (and still living) civilizations on the planet and turn it into a video game, then you will have my undivided attention.

9. Goodbye Deponia


Daedalic Entertainment has been one of the major contributors to some of the most entertaining adventure games on the digital market. Games such as A New Beginning, Edna & Harvey and the recent The Night of the Rabbit have proven that adventure games are far from dead and even contribute some of the most enticing storylines. The Deponia series is one of them, offering well-written dialogue filled with astonishingly comical characters that you will grow attached to. How the story will wrap up in the third installment when it hits later this year is to be determined, but I want to find out everything about it until then.

8. Dragon Age III: Inquisition


While the third installment hasn’t been properly revealed just yet, it has been rumored for quite some time that it would show up at this year’s E3. Even though I enjoyed my time with the second game, it still was a surprising disappointment that streamlined and dumbed down the mechanics hardcore fans had come to love. I’m anticipation this game only because I love the series and want to see (and hope so much) that Bioware is going back to their roots and not shoveling out something that goes after the mainstream audience. Whether or not that will happen will be determined next week, but it’s still a game that has my attention.

7. Thief


If there’s one genre I will play over and over again, its stealth. The Thief brand was before my jump into PC gaming, so my knowledge on the franchise is still limited, but the idea of having a stealth game take place in a middle ages-esque era certain has my interest. Square Enix has been successful in rebooting older franchises such as Tomb Raider, so I’m curious what they’re doing with the Thief name. While still a ways away from release, this is a next-generation title will most likely be a highlight of the show. Hide in the shadows all you want, but I will be seeking out Thief at E3.

6. Metal Gear Solid V


This is still really up in the air. I don’t think Konami wouldn’t have it there, but it most likely will be a limited showing. Regardless, being a fan since the first game, Metal Gear Solid V is something that won’t get past me, especially after all the unusual marketing campaigns Konami and Kojima Productions have been testing. There’s nothing better than sneaking up on an unsuspecting guard, knocking him out cold and shaking their body until items fall out. MGSV is still a mystery to many, with its story being teased as something unique, but surely whatever they show has to be worth watching, right?

5. Mirror’s Edge 2


While this hasn’t been officially announced just yet, rumors have been circulating the internet for the past week after EA Games retained the rights to website domains related to a possible sequel. This got me thinking how great Mirror’s Edge really is and would absolutely love a follow-up on the next-generation consoles. While DICE is still working on Battlefield 4, here’s hoping that EA will please their fans in announcing Mirror’s Edge 2 at their press conference on Monday, giving us a reason to love them once again. While they probably wouldn’t have anything significant to show, at least knowing it’s in development would be a relief.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


I was never much of a fan of the first Witcher game. While it had a fantastic storyline that contained branching paths, the Aurora Engine somehow affected me more than I would have expected. I’m not much of a visual nut, but I find it hard to play older 3D games now. That changed with Assassins of Kings as CD Projekt RED’s new engine still looks better than most games today. Throw in a surprisingly polished battle system and you have one of 2011’s best. It has quickly jumped to one of my favorite franchises because of the inspiration world, and with the third game being shown off next week, I can’t hold my anticipation to see it.

3. Watch Dogs


As one of the first cross-generation releases, Watch Dogs has peaked my interest. Essentially combining elements from multiple Ubisoft games (such as Assassin’s Creed’s traversal abilities and Splinter Cell Blacklist’s shooting mechanics), this is looking to offer an all-in-one package that comes with a vast world to explore. A GTA-style adventure with an emphasis on interaction with the world will lead to a variety of ways to approach every scenario. This is one of the few games I’m actually hyped for in 2013, so it’s a no brainer I’m excited to get some hands-on time with it.

2. Dark Souls II


I think I played through Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls nearly nine times combined, so I couldn’t be happier to see another addition into From Software’s dark and dreary universe. Fans have been increasingly worried that the change in directors would lead to a dumbed down version of this incredibly rewarding franchise, and words like “streamlining” haven’t helped, but the little bits of gameplay we have seen has help rejuvenate anticipation. Whether or not it will remain to be the same old challenging game is still to be determined, but seeing even more will no doubt put my mind at ease.

1. Next-Gen Console Exclusives!


This is technically more than one game, but what I want at this year’s E3 more than anything is a reason why I should care about the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Whether it’s new IPs, reboots or sequels to existing franchises, we need to see games that haven’t been announced or even rumored about. Looking at the PS4’s reveal, there wasn’t really anything other than Knack that surprised us, and the same can be said about Quantum Break for the Xbox One. As much as this generation of games has been phenomenal, and even the first five months of the year have blown me away, I’m just so ready to move on to what’s next and want to see glimpses of that during our time at E3.

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