Bioshock Infinite: Now featuring Harrison Ford

When Bioshock Infinite’s final box art was revealed today, something instantly struck us as familiar; lead character Booker DeWitt looks an awful lot like Harrison Ford. The coat and general expression are reminiscent of Blade Runner, leading to a search for a picture of Ford in the film to prove it. The second I did a google search, however, it became clear just why that image popped into our heads so fast — because it’s the same as a publicity still from Blade Runner.

As seen above, the similarities are quite uncanny. Both are looking down, away from the camera with a grizzled look on their dirtied faces. Both have similar coats with an open collar and, perhaps most importantly, a shotgun held over their shoulders. That’s not to mention that they are both detectives.

It’s a bit too similar to be a coincidence. Perhaps Booker’s similarity to Harrison Ford had this iconic image stuck in the artist’s head, perhaps it’s a purposeful homage. We’ll likely never know.

Check out large versions of both images below and let us know what you think.