Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Does Little to Excite

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s leak has proven to be true as a trailer, screenshots and details have hit the internet courtesy of Activision.. The core community of the Call of Duty franchise is all to do about the newest trailer, but the rest of the gaming world goes on with a heavy sigh and a shrug of the shoulders. Nevertheless, can Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare stand on its own two feet without assistance?

The short answer is no. The game cannot stand on its own anymore even though Infinity Ward is either in delusion or denial about the series still being “silky smooth, super realistic and a playable CNN” as depicted in the Infinity Ward Behind the Scenes 2016 video or they are just trying to ramp up artificial hype for their newest and most drab entry. This “Behind the Scenes” video didn’t just appear out of thin air. Infinity Ward took a good hard look at how Naughty Dog was going about promoting Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, with The Making of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End series and thought that they could generate enough hype in-order to reach Naughty Dog standards. A key element is missing from this so-called Behind the Scenes video, however, and that is a fanbase that actually cares.


Naughty Dog has spent the better half of ten years creating loveable and memorable characters such as Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan. Mixed with consistent, fascinating and excellent storytelling, they have earned the right to create a “making of video” to get fans excited for Nathan Drake’s last adventure. On the other hand although Call of Duty has been around much longer than Uncharted has, I cannot for the life of me name a single character that I care about or even know of in the franchise. Even trying to remember the storyline behind one of the Call of Duty’s games escapes my mind and unless I check out a YouTube or a Wikipedia page to refresh my memory, the most I can remember is you’re a faceless hero on a mission to stop some event or some evil military leader.

It’s not even because I never played or wasn’t interested in these games. On the contrary, I used to be an avid Call of Duty gamer, but I never sat around and talked about how awesome the story was, how realistic the game felt, or even how revolutionary the gameplay was. All that was ever uttered about the Call of Duty franchise was how fun the multiplayer was until it wasn’t.


Once again, it’s my belief that Infinity Ward is taking every page out of the marketing playbook in a last ditch effort to sell one last profitable Call of Duty game. I would not be surprised if the next game after Infinite Warfare is also coupled with a classic Call of Duty game, although it’s hard to imagine which one they would choose as Modern Warfare was really the only game they could couple with the latest entry in hopes of selling higher priced copies of a lackluster game. I know, how can it be lackluster if it hasn’t even hit store shelves yet? Just wait, this is Star Wars Battlefront all over again. It seems as though many dying breeds and money hungry developers are generating non-existent hype and a waterfall of nostalgia in-order to push and sell copies of unintriguing games lately. Is this just a fad or is it because the current new (as in completely new and original, not HD re-releases) games catalogue for the current gen of consoles is rather light compared to previous console generations? I don’t know, I just see a pattern happening here and the only ones affected by it are the gamers and their wallets.