Catherine’s Ideal Voice on Switch Breathes Life into Full Body

Not too long ago, Catherine: Full Body finally made its Switch debut, and the experience is more or less what one would expect. This is more or less the same game as the version seen on the PlayStation 4, just with a few technical adjustments and extra DLC. It’s not enough of a difference for those PS4-based fans to run out and buy this new version, but it’s still a nice little bonus for those who either don’t have a PS4 or just haven’t yet given Catherine: Full Body a proper try.

For those unaware of what Catherine: Full Body is, it’s basically a remaster of the 2011 PS3 game: Catherine. Catherine follows the story of Vincent, a hapless thirty-something who’s now facing a difficult choice in his life: marry his longtime girlfriend Katherine or pursuing an exciting, new romance with another woman…who’s also named Catherine. Basically, Vincent must navigate this awkward situation he’s found himself in and must ultimately choose between is ideas of “freedom” and “stability.” He can’t hem and haw for too long though, because doing so could very well cost him his life.

Catherine: Full Body - Switch Puzzles
This is where the second part of the game comes into play. See, Vincent’s social woes only play-out during the day. At night, Vincent’s at the mercy of his nightmares, all of which involve climbing block towers and evading grotesque, vaguely female monsters. In each nightmare, Vincent needs to climb the towers by pushing, pulling and rearranging scores of blocks. Doing this correctly creates a stairway to the top of each tower and gives Vincent the means to eventually return to the waking world. It’s a moderately-challenging puzzle game that challenges players to use increasingly-complicated techniques in order to ascend each successive tower. Difficulty is adjustable too, so there’s something here for puzzle fans of all skill levels. Now, onto what Catherine: Full Body is like on the Switch.

Starting with overall presentation, Catherine: Full Body is not quite on par with its PS4 counterpart. The frame rate and audio quality are the same, but it does appear to have taken a hit in terms of texture resolution. It’s most obvious when the Switch handheld mode, but those looking closely can still notice when the system is docked. As for DLC, the extra cosmetics are fun to play around with for a time, but they don’t make all that much of a difference. Persona 5’s Joker is playable in the Colosseum and Babel modes in this version just like he is on the PS4, but his presence is still more of a fun novelty than anything else. It’s great to have him and it’s great to have those extra pieces of cosmetic flair. The most meaningful extra, however, is still the “Catherine Ideal Voice” feature for the Japanese dub.

The “Catherine Ideal Voice” feature allows players to choose the voice of Catherine, the new girl in Vincent’s life. The PS4 version of the game gave players eleven options to choose from, but this new Switch port adds three more. At first, changing Catherine’s voice doesn’t sound like it’ll make all that much difference. She’s just one character, albeit an important one, in a bigger story after all., but this isn’t actually the case.

Catherine: Full Body - Vincent and Orlando
Changing Catherine’s voice does indeed bring different nuances to her character. The three new voices in particular: the “Healing Flower,” the “Feisty Junior” and the “Intelligent Beauty” give Catherine a much more care-free and possibly even innocent vibe. Some of her later actions don’t jive with that kind of characterization, but choosing one these (or even some of the other voices) make Vincent’s indecisiveness a little more understandable.

Catherine: Full Body is just as fun and interesting on Switch as it on the PlayStation 4. The port doesn’t offer enough differences to justify a second purchase, but it’s worthwhile for those who haven’t yet picked up the game. All the DLC is here, including three new voices for Catherine herself. With this, new players can customize their game to their heart’s content and even tweak the story a little bit via the “Catherine Ideal Voice” feature should they choose to play with Japanese voices. Switch-based Atlus fans likely won’t regret picking up this version Vincent’s internal struggles.