Crash Bandicoot Poster Probably Just a Poster

The internet has been ablaze today with a picture that was posted on Vicarious Vision’s Facebook that has since been removed. A second glance at what seems like a group of programmers pretending to have an interesting conversation reveals a large Crash Bandicoot poster affixed to a wall in the office. Here’s a close-up:


Many have reported that this is an early image of an upcoming Crash redesign. It does look a little different than what we’ve been accustomed to and it’s fair to say it shares style in common with the Skylander’s design, which must mean that  Vicarious Visions is planning a Crash reboot or a collectible Skylanders-like series with the above character design.

But let’s be honest; it’s probably just a harmless poster. Crash doesn’t look all that different than what we’ve seen before and he’s in a very generic pose and setting (the logo simply reads “Crash Bandicoot”). It’s likely just a piece of concept art specially made for the office wall. After all, would you want to hang this up?


There’s variants of famous characters created as art all the time. While Vicarious removing the photo from their page fueled the fire, they likely were just tired of a fake rumor being spread and their Facebook page being indicated with comments. After all, if a top-secret project was being worked on, would a company adorn their office walls with giant pictures of it and accidentally forget to not post them on Facebook? O.K, admittedly some would, but we doubt that’s the case here.

Is Vicarious Visions working on a Crash project? It’s definitely a possibility, but we don’t think that this innocent picture of the bandicoot is it.