Destiny 2 Guardians will Soon be Fighting for their Lives

It’s strange feeling like Guardians are looking down the same path they once did when Destiny: The Taken King came out with the series’ first iteration. That’s the thing, though, while the path might look similar, it’s not the same. Bungie has come far in learning how to communicate with their community while designing Destiny 2: Forsaken to be something unlike anything Guardians have seen before. If Taken King was ambitious, then Forsaken is truly awe-inspiring. Forsaken isn’t just another iteration of the Taken King, it’s an animal all its own looking to change the nature of what playing Destiny 2 means moving forward.

If looking through the glass from the outside while being on the fence about whether to hop back in or not, it’s an easy sell; now is the time to play Destiny 2. Even if it turns out to be not what players coming back are looking for or even Guardians have continued to put up the good fight are looking for, it can’t be said that Destiny 2: Forsaken is changing the game in drastic ways. The tone is truly darker. The stakes are higher with enemies that seem to feel potent even if they have yet to be encountered until September 4. Bungie is making sure to break their own game. All of these things are a cocktail for a playscape that will be forever changed. In a way, Forsaken feels more like a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm than anything else, changing the landscape for play the world over.

The immediate thing staring Guardians in the face is the loss of Cayde-6, and if Guardians had any doubts about his death, the trailer below says it all. Seeing Cayde’s ghost take a purple bullet of pure venomous energy only to blast outward in a blue aura of radiation is truly haunting. Guardians know this. Ghost are always there to revive them and seeing a Ghost bite the big one means no more protection from anything or anyone.

The other big first with Forsaken is Guardians encountering an enemy they can put a face to; something never done before. Usually when fighting a big-bad it’s some form of alien monstrosity, but this time it’s a familiar face not seen since the first game — Prince Uldron of the Awoken — last seen screaming into the void in a last stand attempt against the Taken King. While Guardians might not know the full scope of why he is back and what his nefarious plans are, he is the one to put the final bullet in Cayde which is more than enough to get a fire in the belly of any Guardian. He also comes packing with a handful of big-bads known simply as the Wardens. It’s not just one villain, it’s an entire round table that players will have to hunt down and put in their place to restore order to an already-chaotic universe.

Chaos seems to be the name of the game for Forsaken. Bungie is pushing Destiny 2 all the way past eleven with tighter gunplay, more unique gunplay with random weapon rolls and nine new supers. There will also be more than a handful of secrets just waiting to be discovered while crossing through The Dreaming City, the Forsaken’s new Raid area larger than any other Raid to hit the world of Destiny. Another excellent trailer shows the sheer scope matched by ambition that has gone into putting all the cards on the table for Guardians. If you’re doing the next big thing it only makes since to go full force. The Dreaming City is unlike anything seen before in Destiny 2. It doesn’t look to be just pretty skyboxes, but actual challenges, puzzles and all sorts of secrets that Guardians will be working towards that will make up such an awesome place. Guardians will be working together in brand new ways to uncover every nook and cranny of what The Dreaming City holds with no doubts that it might take months for everything to be discovered.

Speaking of teamwork, Bungie’s new Gambit mode is hot on Guardian’s lips. A blend of PvEvPvP Gambit might just be the push certain Guardians need from both the PvE and PvP sphere to come closer together. There are, of course, Guardians that seem to stick to their lanes and that’s fine: everyone has their play style, but when a game can weave the community closer together, that’s a win for everyone. The community of Destiny 2 (like any game) has stuck with it because of the love for it, otherwise Destiny 2 wouldn’t be a thing. Seeing Bungie’s new mode in action from E3 to Gamescom has been exciting and it seems to be the hot new thing on everyone’s lips. Gambit is smartly designed to give players an even playing field whether they are masters of PvE or ready to take out the other team through invasion in PvP. The new Gambit mode also looks to be communicating about the action on the field more so than other modes because sometimes (especially with PvP) players might not want to talk at all. Which isn’t a bad thing. Play how you want.

To wrap up, that is exactly what Forsaken looks to be getting across — play how you want your Guardian to play. It’s a big world out there with Bungie having been hard at work at something that looks truly special. On September 4 players will finally be able to tackle all sorts of challenges awaiting them from hunting down the Wardens and Uldon avenging Cayde or running the Gambit over and over again. There’s also the Dreaming City where Guardians visions will be realized with more secrets than every mystery box littering a track in Mario Kart. It’s a new age for Destiny 2: Forsaken around the corner. There is a buzz in the air that is palpable with eager Guardians old and new ready to take to the fight in this all new grand scope of what Destiny 2 will be moving forward. See you in space ,Guardian.