Destiny 2’s Story is Getting Exciting Again

Ever since the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken in 2018, the game’s story and lore have been on an upward trend. It’s still a shame what happened to Cayde-6 at the time, but thankfully plenty of good has come out of Forsaken to make up for it. With Forsaken, Bungie did a lot to make the ol’ Destiny grind feel worthwhile again. They added new supers, new powers, new locations, dungeons, a raid and tons of new weapons and loot. All of that was good and has gotten better since. One of the best things Bungie did with Forsaken, however, was reintroduce mystery and mysticism back into Destiny 2. Not everything was plain and straightforward like it was with Ghaul, and it wasn’t convoluted like it was with Osiris and Rasputin. Instead players got hints of the unknown and room for speculation and it looks like they’re about to get that on an even greater scale this year.

The past is catching up to the world of Destiny and it’s been interesting to watch. As nonsensical as the Curse of Osiris and Warmind content packs were, it was at least interesting to see the (brief) return of Osiris and the restoration of Rasputin the Warmind. Neither really meant all that much at the time due to bigger issues with the game, but now they at least fit into this developing idea of everything coming full-circle. First the Traveler reawakens (with no tangible effect upon the world, but whatever), then Osiris returns (briefly) from his investigation into the Vex and Rasputin rejoined the game shortly after.

Each of these is a figure from the world’s past. Some are more ancient than others, true, but they all still hint at greater forces starting to stir. The same held true in Forsaken and beyond thanks to the circumstances surrounding the Awoken Queen, Riven, the Drifter and later Saint-14. Each one of these characters had a role to play in the past and each has now returned. Three of them are even hinted at having ties to the Darkness, something that’s being expanded upon further in the upcoming content releases.

With the newly-announced Destiny 2: Beyond Light, even more figures from Destiny’s past are returning to the forefront of world events. The Exo Stranger is finally back after being basically absent for six years, and this time she not only has time to explain her story but also do something to keep it from happening in the main Destiny timeline. What’s more, the expansion’s raid is going to take guardians into Europa’s “Deep Stone Crypt” and finally provide more clues as to the origins of the Exos. Before this expansion was announced, the dawn of the Exos was only hinted at in grimoire cards and a few choice memoirs from Cayde-6, so the fact that Bungie’s decided to delve into it a bit more is a significant development. Who knows what kinds of discoveries players will make once the raid goes live?

There’s one other big story development coming this September: the pyramid ships. They’ve spent the last month or so slowly trickling into the system and now they’re here. Fans of Destiny 2 might remember that the Traveler’s reawakening also activated these ships and now they’re finally here after three years. Are they allied with the Traveler somehow? Probably not, but the possibility is there.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Key - Exo Stranger Visual
No, given their sinister intro and the new Darkness-based “Stasis” element coming in the expansion, it’s probably safe to assume that these ships are another manifestation of The Darkness. They could also be more, though. These ships are unlike anything that’s come before, and considering their number and initial distance away from the Sol system, there’s a chance that they could very well be THE Darkness; the force that once overwhelmed all of Earth’s warminds and crippled the Traveler before getting pushed back at last. If that turns out to be the case, then fans are in for a wild ride over the next few years.

Exciting times are indeed coming to Destiny 2 in terms of lore and story. Old allies have found their way back to the Tower; allegiances are being tried; secrets are poised to be revealed and the Traveler’s most ancient enemy may have just returned to renew the struggle. The game hasn’t been this ripe with possibility since Forsaken, possibly not even since The Taken King. Gameplay is still king of course, but Bungie could knock it out of the park if they play this right.