Destiny: Why Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn This Weekend

Every week on Friday mornings, Destiny players around the world wake up and go immediately to the internet to see what Xur, the exotic salesman, has to sell. Xur arrives on Fridays and leaves on Saturday nights, selling one exotic piece of equipment for each class, an exotic weapon, and an exotic engram. He also sells telemetries for guns and sparrows, but that’s not usually what we’re there for. Each week Xur sells something different, and this week, he just so happens to be selling the best and rarest gun in the game: Gjallarhorn.

Xur has sold Gjallarhorn once before, but that was back when Destiny was still in it’s infancy, and not many people knew the power that this exotic rocket launcher held. Since then, gamers have had to get their Gjallarhorns the natural way through Nightfall strikes, raids, or maybe if they’re really lucky, through a legendary heavy engram. But now, for only 17 strange coins, you can own it just by holding down X/A for a couple of seconds. So why is this ultra-rare gun being sold for pennies? I think I know.

Some say that what Xur sells is purely random, that Bungie has set their algorithm loose and they no longer have control, but I disagree. Destiny’s next and biggest expansion, The Taken King, is coming in just a couple of weeks, and with it, Gjallarhorn will be nerfed, and the greatest weapon of all time will become the slightly-less-greatest weapon of all time. I think the guys and gals at Bungie decided to give players a little treat, and let them play with Gjallarhorn for a couple of weeks before it gets it’s downgrade. With The Taken King, Bungie has also promised the largest installment of new weapons that will be added to the game, and the biggest number of new exotics. This means that Gjallarhorn may be overshadowed by some of the new exotics that take the stage in September, and it will not be as desired as it is now.

So I think it’s a real nice thing Bungie is doing, and I hope that everyone has a good time running around with their big, new toy. Destiny: The Taken King comes out on September 15, and is shaping up to be pretty exciting, so keep your eyes peeled on Hardcore Gamer leading up to its release.