Destiny’s New Strike Looks Different, and That’s a Good Thing

With Destiny’s next expansion quickly approaching, Bungie has been giving players small glimpses into what the game will be like. Actually, they’ve set specific times for when they are going to reveal stuff live on Twitch, and that’s every Wednesday leading up to release at 11am Pacific Time.

This week, Deej and Cozmo had one of their design leads, James Tsai, one of their sandbox designers, Claude Jerome, and a guy from the Twitch/Youtube community called Mr. Fruit on the stream to talk about and play one of the new strikes coming to Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny The Taken King Titan

The strike they played was called Shield Brothers. It takes place on the Dreadnaught, and the goal is to rid the hulking ship of the Cabal. At the end of the strike, there are two huge Cabal bosses. One of them has a big melee glove, and the other has a mortar launcher on his back. The brothers will fight you individually at first, and then together. If you kill one of the brothers, the surviving one will absorb the abilities of the other, which then makes him much harder to kill. This is an interesting fight, especially compared to some of the boss fights at the end of the current strikes, which just seem to be bullet sponges. Another notable point about the shield brothers is that they are mobile throughout the whole thing, rather than just sitting in one spot or moving between two pre-arranged points. This is also welcome and creates more of a challenge.

Something else they mentioned about the strikes in The Taken King was that they will not always be the same. Right now in Destiny, strikes are exactly the same every time you do them, except for the modifiers, but that doesn’t change the core mechanics of the strike. In The Taken King, every time you play a strike, something about it may be totally different. In the Shield Brothers, for example, there is a midpoint boss, and in the stream with Bungie, they encountered a legion of Cabal and a tank, but as James Tsai mentioned, there could have been something else there, including the new Taken enemy type. This will hopefully make strikes more engaging, because they will try to keep players on their toes, never knowing what might be around the corner.


Strikes in Destiny are going through a lot of changes in The Taken King, and hopefully it will be for the better. Bungie has said that the old strikes will be getting revamped, which may trip veteran players up when they first boot up the new expansion, and hopefully it will be a welcome change. Nightfall’s are getting a makeover too, with players not getting booted back to orbit when they wipe. Weekly Heroics will no longer exist, but instead there will be a Heroic playlist, which will have players play three strikes to get full, three character rewards.

So what do you think about the changes coming to Destiny’s strikes? Let us know in the comments, and for more on The Taken King (out September 15) keep coming to Hardcore Gamer.