Explore Viking Life with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Discovery Tour: Viking Age

Assassin’s Creed has always incorporated world history and mythology into their unrealistic world of journeys based on DNA based memories. Historical figures and events were often intertwined with the adventures contained within the Animus. The mixture of history and entertainment went to the next level with Assassin’s Creed Origins when they introduced the Discovery Tour to Ancient Egypt. This tour allowed players to explore the world of Ancient Egypt but without having to worry about combat against hostile people or wildlife. This was designed to be relaxing and educational. Now two years since the release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla a new Discovery Tour has been released, this one for the Viking Age.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age continues in its goal to provide a historical counterpoint to the setting of its related Assassin’s Creed game. They serve an interactive history lesson like a virtual museum, allowing players to explore the world and learn about the real history that inspired the games. Discovery Tour: Viking Age put a twist on this, introducing actual characters and quests to try to bring new life to the Discovery Tour.

There are eight narrative quests that can be played through in any order, though it’s recommended that they be tackled in the default order to provide the best flow. The first quest, Oaths & Honor, begins in the year 866 that centers on the merchant couple Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda. In this quest the player assumes the role of Thorsteinn. The two are about to start a business but this venture is jeopardized when another merchant accuses them of stealing their wares and they must gather evidence to clear their good names. A detective-themed quest ensues, and the objective of this quest is to also teach about family and social bonds along with laws and the justice system. The eight quests span decades and rotate between four playable characters with their own stories. While history has typically been the main focus of these add-ons, those interested in Norse mythology will not be disappointed as Jotunheim and Asgard are among the available locations.

The quests are an interesting way to add a narrative driven adventure to the Discovery Tour but players not restricted to just that. In free roam mode the player can choose from among 25 different avatars from the Assassin’s Creed universe. They can explore Discovery Sites (yellow markers) to learn more about history from the Viking Age or get some behind the scenes insight about game development at the Behind-the-Scenes blue markers. Like the previous Discovery Tours, Viking Age is a way for players to safely explore the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla where they can learn about Viking history in peace.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age is available as a free add-on content for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla owners across all platforms and as a standalone purchase on PC. It will be available on Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox consoles as a standalone purchase sometime in 2022. The Discovery Tours are meant to be supplemental educational items to complement the games that feel more like playing a game than schoolwork. Viking Age is no different in the regard, though the narrative quests give this Discovery Tour more a game feel. Assassin’s Creed games have always used history in creating their worlds, but when diving into the Animus to hunt other assassin organizations certain creative liberties with history are taken. The Discovery Tours are worthwhile add-ons to delve deeper into the history that inspired the games.